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Urawa Micro Motor UC250 Rotary Single Port Control Box

Urawa Micro Motor UC250 Rotary Single Port Control Box

Urawa is a well-known Micro Motor brand and used widely in Precision Engineering and Metal polishing industries.

This Machine is highly versatile allowing Rotary tools as well as a Hammer / Engraver handpiece to be used from the same control box.

* Handpiece and Motor not included

What is included:

Power Control box - UC250

Please choose a Urawa handpiece to accompany the box. Sold separately

What's this tool used for?

Micro motors are the new Pendant motors. They are powerful electric systems, the main difference is that the motor itself is in the handpiece so there is no flexible shaft. A cable is much less weighty and suits very detailed work as it is far less restrictive than a shaft. There are less working or moving parts therefore less to be repair. There are no bearings to change and there is much less vibration in the handpiece. There is also much less noise created making it an ideal choice in large workshops or in shop front workshops. Especially good if you are using a rotary tool on a regular basis.

The control box runs either rotary or hammer handpieces.
The rotary handpiece can be used for any Jewellery (silver smith or goldsmith work) stone setting (burring), polishing, etc. using a range of mounted tools such as: burrs, points, rubber points, felt wheels, polishing points etc.
The hammer tool comes with a pointed tool for engraving and texturing metal.


Price: 297.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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