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Strong 209A Jewellers Micro Motor System

Strong 209A  Jewellers Micro Motor System

Strong 209A Micromotor

Fantastic Value - for professionals and beginners

This is our entry level Micro Motor System. It presents excellent value for money but with all the features you require. For beginners and professionals alike.

* This is a high speed tool with a top speed of 35,000 RPM
* Good Torque 280 gf.cm
* 240V-20 Watts
* Comes complete with a 2.35mm collet, but 1.6mm and 3mm are available separately
* It comes with a foot control
* It is very quiet running with very low vibration
* Use it with small dental felts, mounted cotton mops, rubber points, burrs etc up to 25mm diameter.

Smaller points work best with this tool. For stone setting it is ideal as burrs work very well in this tool.
With a thin cable rather than a flex shaft this tool is lighter and more flexible than a traditional pendant drill.
The control box is small and would fit very neatly on a small bench.

This Micro Motor is also ideal for carving wax and for detail work on other delicate and fragile material.


Price: 239.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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