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Bench Polishers

Using a Bench Polisher for Jewellers .....

A Bench Polisher is an essential piece of equipment for any Jeweller.

A polisher allows you to work with both hands and offers a lot more polishing power than a pendant motor. Using larger diameter wheels allows rapid results on small and large items. The quality of finish will be much greater.

As with all equipment safety is paramount, these motors should be secured to a work bench. Hair and loose clothing should be kept clear of the machine, safety glasses and a mask should always be worn. Work should be held towards the bottom of the spinning mop. We highly recommend having instruction in how to use this type of tool.

Here at Polishing Jewellery we supply a large range of Consumables including Calico Mops, Abrasive Nylon Mops, and other Rubber/Silicon Style Abrasive Wheels.

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