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Jewellers Starter Kit Flexible Shaft and Polishing Tool Kit

Jewellers Starter Kit Flexible Shaft and Polishing Tool Kit

Great value LY128 pendant motor with polishing tool kit 56

This Kit is ideal for students and people who are just starting out in the metal craft trade with a sample of popular polishing products.

A great kit for hobbyists and students, it would make a fantastic gift

The kits comes with a Low Cost but HIGH Performance Pendant Motor, it is easy to use with an accelerator style food control. This tool has very high torque and variable speed it's also easy to use and hold. It is ideal for small detailed work on wood, plastic and metal.
This tool will speed up any grinding process and is much more efficient than a Dremel or a Proxxon style tool.

Maximum no load speed 16,000 rpm
Power 550 watt output - Lots of torque
Flexible shaft length: 42" (1090mm)
Hand piece chuck capacity: 0 - 4mm
Will spin an object with up to 40mm diameter

Kit 56 Includes
1 off rouge bar
1 off tripoli bar
4 off medium felt wheels
2 off soft grey felt wheels
2 off calico wheels
1 off bristle wheel
2 off felt bobs
2 off felt cones


Price: 190.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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