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Max Force Rotary Micro Motor

Max Force Rotary Micro Motor

Jewellers Micro Motor - Max Force

Best for professionals

This tool has been replacing the standard flexible shaft in a number of our customer's workshops. It offers a great deal more power than a pendant motor with very little vibration in the hand piece. For most people the lack of bulky flexible shaft is a major advantage as it allows much easier movement.

It features in a couple of shop front workshops where the low noise is a big improvement on traditional pendant drills.

We would recommend this unit for anyone who is working professionally, the extra power is worth the investment and withstands heavy use.

This fixed straight hand piece is ideal for any detailed job.

* 40,000 RPM
* High Torque 7.8N.cm
* 240V
* 200 Watts
* Right and Left Rotation
* Comes with a 3mm Collet (2.35mm collets available)
* Foot speed control included
* Built in Micro Processor
* Brushless motor
* Low noise and Vibration


Price: 719.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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