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Jewellers Bench Polisher Kit - 62 - Mops, Felt cone, Rouge

Jewellers Bench Polisher Kit - 62 - Mops, Felt cone, Rouge

Jewellery Polishing- Bench Polisher Kit
Kit 62

A great little kit to use with a bench polisher. A quick and efficient way to polish jewellery. Especially suited to polishing rings. Other compounds are available, just ask.

This kit includes;

1 off 6''x 1'' Loosefold G Mop

1 off 4'' x 1'' Loosefold WDR Mop

1 off Standard Mounted Ring Felt

1 off 4x1'' Tripoli Compound

1 off 4x1'' Rouge Compound

This is a great starter kit for polishing jewellery.

Use with a bench polisher. Ideal for use with our 12mm or 16mm Pigtail /taper with end hole. click here to see our new tapers

· The 6'' G mop should be used first with the Tripoli bar for the cutting stage. This will take out scratches and prepare the metal for polishing.

· Use the MTD Ring Felt to polish the inside of the ring

· Use the 4'' WDR mop with Rouge for the final polish

· Wash the item between stages to avoid mixing compounds

· Keep the item moving to avoid creating flats and rounding edges

· Tie all long hair back and avoid loose clothing

· Do not polish chain on a bench polisher

Price: 19.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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