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How To Videos


How to Polish aluminium, brass, copper blanks to a mirror finish for Craft and Hobbiest

The Video was made by our friend Angi at www.blanksforstamping.co.uk

Unitized Point Polishing Silver (Use like a Sander Roll)

Polishing a Silver Ring using Ultrasonic polisher and Micro Motor

How to Polish a Silver Ring with 3m Radial Discs

YouTube Videos for bench polisher

Ultrasonic and micro motor polisher

Click here to go to the A-STAR polishing system

This is a totally unique jewellers motor - the days of the pendant motor are short!

This system has two ports one is a rotary micro motor and the other is an Ultrasonic polisher. The Ultrasonic polisher is the ultimate micro filer, using ultra fine ceramics and diamond files this tool is excellent for microscopic polishing. This combined with the powerful rotary side makes this a highly versatile machine.

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