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LY128 Jewellers Flexible Shaft Machine & Replacement Parts

LY128 Jewellers Flexible Shaft Machine & Replacement Parts

Pendant Motor Flexible shaft - A Low Cost but HIGH Performance Machine LY128

An essential tool for most crafts especially jewellery making.
Also for sculptors, model makers, wood carvers and silversmiths.

The chuck system allows for a variety of items on spindles up to 4mm to be used.

This low cost machine makes a good choice for both the beginner, the workshop running classes, hobbyists, colleges and for the professional who needs a powerful second pendant drill.

It has a variable high-speed motor with flexible shaft offering very high torque for polishing and deburring

Maximum no load speed 16,000 rpm
Power 550 watt output - Lots of torque
Flexible shaft length: 42" (1090mm)
Hand piece chuck capacity: 0 - 4mm
Will spin an object with up to 40mm diameter

This LY128 Pendant Motor comes complete with:
Flexible shaft
Fixed straight hand piece
Foot Control
(Stand not included but can be easily hung from most places)



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