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Scratch-Brushing Wire Wheels

Cleaning and Texturing all Metals

These Crimped Brass Wire Wheels are ideal for cleaning and texturing on all metals but particularly softer metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze.

Our Brass is make from very fine crimped brass 0.06mm or 0.10mm these are very high quality and will leave a very smooth shiny finishing. They are ideal for cleaning up detailed items such as chains as they thin wire can work right down to tight spaces. These wheel will give an excellent finish without any damage to your pieces, they will leave a very flat and equal finish with very little effort or mess.

They are so easy to use they can be fitted onto a polisher or drill. These brass scratch brushes should ideally be used with soap or detergent with water as a lubricant or a layer of the brass will attach to the piece especially silver.

The wheels will leave a very shiny matt finish not a mirror finish.

*Also Available in Nickel Silver

Scratch-Brushing Wire Wheels - 100mm Diameter

Scratch-Brushing Wire Wheels - 100mm Diameter


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