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Radial Discs

3m Radial Bristle discs

3m Radial Bristle discs

These 3m Radial Bristle Wheels are an excellent all round product.

They work without compound making them extremely clean to use, with abrasive throughout the wheel. The other major feature of this tool is their flexibility and ability to work over detail and in tight areas.

The scope for this tool is large, they work on all materials including precious metal, bronze, steel and even plastics. The finish is even and easily repeatable.

Radials range in diameter from 19mm to 150mm and come in a full spectrum of grits from 36g to 1 micron (not all grits available in each size). Radials work most efficiently when used in order, through several of the grades.

Particularly useful when space is at a miniumum and mess is not an option. They are an excellent alternative to traditional polishing with compound.

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